Entrepreneurship is not just about burning eyebrows thinking how to make revenue, or better yet, profit. It is also about growing together as a group, and individually. With that, let me present to you one activity that helped us achieve exactly that: The Malaysia Team Building.

Malaysia is one of the must go places among the ASEAN countries, that we can truly attest to. So, when the team was given the chance to explore it, we surely made the most out of it! I must say, it was a good place to spend our first ever team building activity.

We had a very hectic schedule, with us juggling our time between acting as tourists and as entrepreneurs. Fortunately, HiGi’s culture emphasizes the concept of “having fun,” and have fun we did!

We went around the city, dined in some famous restaurants, did some extreme adventures, and went shopping, of course. It was one whirlwind adventure, an adventure of a lifetime.

As a team consisting of members from different ASEAN countries, we are privileged to showcase the different things that our countries are proud of. Here were some of the things we did (you may get some ideas on what you should do when you get to visit Malaysia in the future):

1. Shah Alam – we got this through Airbnb. One small tip, if you want to save for accommodation, try this platform. It is a form of space sharing at a much cheaper price compared to renting a hotel room. So, one of the many perks of this place is the infinity pool. Ooh how we marveled on the pool which we somehow ended up monopolizing. The view was so breathtaking as well. Top of the world feels!

2: BBQ Plaza – Next thing we went is this restaurant famous for its hotpot. The restaurant was indeed worthy of such title, from the food they offer, to the ambiance, up to their very accommodating staff. Undeniably, the food was so mouthwatering. Need proof? Take a look at these (I suggest you do not read further if you are hungry. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!)

(If it makes you all feel better, the writer was also regretting looking at these pictures as of writing. Too delicious to ONLY look at, right? Told yah! 😁 ).

3. Skytrex – now, this will make you want to scream your hearts and soul out. This is definitely the highlight of our “tourist” time, and for a reason. An hour or two of all these challenges that made our muscles ache, our vocal chords damaged, and our nerves all in disarray. Funny thing was we only availed for the moderate package. I can’t imagine what could have happened to us had we taken the extreme! I must say, the struggle was so so so real! (Trivia: staffs there were knowledgeable with Filipino words despite them not being Filipinos! They said they learned it from the many Filipino tourists they were able to accommodate. Nice!)

I must say, the things we’ve done together has enabled us to create a stronger bond with each other. The activities made us know each other more, allowing us to create rapport that can make our interactions as entrepreneurs more sustainable. I must say, individuals that play together, grow together. These are what team buildings are made for 😁

HiGi Energy envisions itself as an organization that encourages fun at work, acknowledging that the welfare of its people should not be taken for granted. Happy people makes a good organization. Which is why HiGi Energy sets activities like these to ensure that the people behind the organization are getting enough time to rejuvenate themselves in preparation for the battle in the business world.