The Team Showcasing HiGi Shirt

There are people who do good when they work alone. There are also those who do good when working in a team. Of course, these two things are not exactly mutually exclusive of each other. For us in HiGi Energy, as entrepreneurs, we work at a pace that requires us to do good both as a group and as an individual. One thing you should know is that one core foundation for Startup success is the willingness of everyone to grow.

One good thing about working as a group is that you get to converge different ideas in order to come up with one big idea that can change lives. Having different perspectives allow members a chance to be in other person’s shoes. It makes you question things. It even makes things more interesting if the different parties are highly diverse, like ours. Seriously, it is a blast!

3 Filipinos, 2 Malaysians. 3 men, 2 women. Surely, this is not one common group that you can just find easily in town.

Last July, we as a team got a chance to have our team building in Malaysia.Yeah, team building. To maximize time and money, the whole thing became a mixture of work and play; tourists and business people rolled into one. Don’t get me wrong, we definitely took some time to explore the city, to go food hunting, and to do some extreme activities (which will be shared in a different article). We made it a point to really maximize the time that we were all together. Prior to that, there was always one or two working remotely. It was the first time for us all to be together. Of course, even when we were working separately, we still made time to talk through things virtually. What’s the use of Facebook and Skype, right? However, we used the team building time to really test the waters, to really see how our group dynamics will work in the flesh.

Now, meeting up as a group is not as easy as you think, especially when that getting together is for making huge decisions. Based on experience, here are some of the tips on how you can make the whole thing more efficient and effective:

Convening as a group can be more effective if there is an agenda. Of course, we need to know what are the things that need our immediate attention. Considering the limited time that we had, we must address the most pressing issues in our way. With our vision in mind, which is “bringing energy closer to people’s heart”, we outlined what are the things that we wanted to address in the short run in order to pave way for our achievement of our long-term goals.

Also, at every meeting, it is important to exercise discipline. In our case, it was more on the following our schedule. Having only two days, and with many things to be discussed, we were definitely in a rush. With the time constraint, we became more focused on the agenda. That level of focus enabled us to really reach the necessary conclusions.

Let everybody talk. This is crucial to encourage engagement, to make everyone feel involved. In our case, we were talking about how we should take HiGi Energy to the top, and all of us have ideas on how to make this happen. Now, it is not exactly good to have one, or few, do all the talking. As it is a team activity, everyone should be able to participate. Of course, it is important for each and everyone to also really WANT to participate. It is also one way of strengthening the connection within the group by knowing what the others think on the different issues.

Lastly, keep any form of gadgets away, except the ones being used for visual aid. As much as possible, disconnect yourself to the virtual world in order for you to feel more involved in the real-time events. It also gives you more chance to hear others and stimulate your brain in thinking. Trust me, this really works wonders!

Here are some excerpts from our sessions:

At the end of the day, different teams can use different formulas. What worked for us may not work for you. It also depends on the characteristics of your team members, and the circumstances. Go ahead and explore,talk to each other, and try to determine what links you all together and start working from there.