Making decisions about your life on the spur of the moment is quite a risk. I’m a YOLO type of guy but it’s not obvious. I always seek thrills and challenges. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail but what would life be when you are not failing, how can we learn if we don’t make mistakes?


I am still living the life as a college student back then when my third year in college is about to end. There was an announcement on my university that there is going to be a shift in the academic calendar by two months. With that, my summer vacation became 4 months. I had thought of things I need to do with the four months in order to not waste the time getting bored. Then I decided to have a job at Manila, I don’t know what kind of job would that be, I don’t care about how many money would I get. I just want to go away from the comfort zone and be independent, seek happiness, and avoid a daily routine kind of life.

By then, the CMO of HiGi Pte Ltd came in Ilocos Norte for leisure and she knew that I was looking for a job. She then asked me if I want to join HiGi as a brand ambassador and in the blink of an eye, I just said yes and accepted it even if I don’t know what, where, when and why am I going to work for HiGi. As if she understood my questions, she explained it all at that night and I saw something about HiGi and knew it’s going to be big someday.


What pushed me doing this? Well, I’m just a teenager with an insatiable curiosity.

And so my journey began by going to Manila and went straight to a start-up event without even resting and yeah, NIKE. That was my first time going to a startup event, I was full of excitement and nervousness at the same time. Going there just wowed me in every single way because that place was oozing with great ideas. I was learning a lot about social enterprise, and meeting a lot of people. The experience gave me more interest in startups. It even made me plan on establishing my own startup  for real.


A few weeks had passed, the news came in. Jackie is coming to the Philippines. I was given the opportunity to finally meet the CEO of HiGi. By that, I am already feeling the realness of it all. When we fetched him, Zee, my aunt and I walked a lot that midnight due to heavy traffic in the area, plus the taxi driver dropped us at the wrong place. Midnight and we’re already exercising, look at our perseverance on healthy living!


At that time, walking was nothing because of the hype that was rushing in me as my auntie and I was even crazy enough to plan on dancing by greeting him or sing “Drag me down” because that’s his hype song. And the time has come, he was in the Philippines already, standing in front of us and neither of us won’t initiate singing, so it was a fail.


We rented an apartment and that time was the first meeting I ever had and learned everything about HiGi, the culture, mission, and vision, and plans on Victoria, Tarlac.

And after that, a new journey began. One thing I can tell you is that I really enjoyed every bit of it, even the rainy days. It was part of HiGi’s culture to really make time and enjoy. Also, I am a believer of the saying that The ones who have the most fun doing whatever they want are the winner. However, aside from that, HiGi was determined in always thinking 10 steps before making a decision in order to avoid making irretrievable mistakes.