by Hazel Pajotagana

            Questioning your own decisions is enough to make you go crazy. Believe me, I’ve been there.  Being in the position of an employed individual, and amidst the competition for good job opportunities and good companies, I asked myself what I am really good at. What can I do to make use of my college education while still not compromising the salary and satisfaction? These questions are enough to keep you awake at night. Mind you, these also cannot be answered overnight.

Once you graduate, there is definitely no turning back. Lucky if you immediately land on the job that you are trained for during college. Of course, you can still steer away from your degree and do well. Just to be clear, college education can  be your ticket to success, but, it is not the only ticket to success. It is not solely about matching your college education with your job. The main dilemma really is how to land on a job that you will love. Now, this is where things really get messy.


In two years, I have been into 2 jobs already. These two jobs have made me realize how hard it is to stay motivated when you do not feel attached to the job you are doing. I have reached the point of thinking that I have wasted my 2 years doing nothing productive. Yes, I was earning. However, what I was yearning was growth, satisfaction, and experience. All I had was an interaction with my computer. Of course, at first I was happy about it. Having unlimited access to the internet with me being able to watch any movies and series during my free time, I thought I was living the dream. Unfortunately, I grew tired of it. Then, BOOM, “what am I doing my life” phase has finally come.

And so I took the leap and applied for HiGi.  Now, what made me want to be part of HiGi really? What made me really willing to undergo those different tests and leave my then job? It was because of its purpose. It has the power to reconnect me to the community. It is all about helping the community. I relished on the idea of me being able to do something for other people, do something big, something special. The mission it is trying to deliver is enough for me to value my efforts more. This time, it is not simply about meeting deadlines, passing reports, and attending meetings. It is now about building relationship, seeing people in their natural environment, and watching how their lives are being changed by HiGi. I wanted to be part of it, I wanted to feel like I am really bringing change, and that I am really leaving a mark in the community.


Then, I got in. Really. From then on, things happened very fast and one day I am already in Tarlac. I never regretted it. Finally I am in a job that can make me feel significant. Finally I am in an eye-opening job. Finally, I am in a job that I can consider worthy of all the sleepless nights, sunburns, getting wet under the rain, and daily meetings. It is definitely a tiring job (Well, I believe every job is). However, the thing is, I am not actually getting tired of getting tired for HiGi. Seeing the potentials of HiGi, seeing the satisfaction on the faces of the people in the community, seeing how thankful they are, and seeing how HiGi has already established relationships with the different members of the society, it is worth it. Definitely worth it. It is a job worth loving and worth fighting for. Again, trust me, because I am here.