written by: Yee Yan

Life is short. I am sure that you are familiar with this phrase. But have you ever thought of what you can do in this short but valued time?

I would like to try a lot of things that I never tried. As cliché as it may sound, but I would like to really step out from my comfort zone and take the challenge.

Sometimes, you might feel lost or depressed even when most of the people around you tell, you that it is too tough, or it is not suitable for you or even you can’t do it!

But You’ll never know if you don’t try!


And yeah, that’s what I always think of when my heart really wants to take that challenge. However, here’s the real talk, challenge is still a challenge!

Numerous troubles can come in one shot and crush you down, people around you would mess things up, or you will feel things wouldn’t go smoothly as planned no matter how hard you work. And it’s there. It will always be there. But it will make or break a person.

In my life, I have been through the lowest point. Being a president of a university club, I work very hard to unite all my committees to bring a better engineering club and at the same time, I have to take care of assignments, projects and tests from the courses I was taking. And yet, I got various kinds of issues from project teammates, committees of the club, friends and family in just a short period.

I mentally collapsed and I could cry easily whenever I talked about my problems. I got myself a break of one week, where I left all my works and had a good time spending with my family and friends. I was so relieved since I still received a lot of caring and support from my true friends and family members. They made me realized the importance of friends and family in life. They rooted me up and gave me great strength to face the obstacles.


At last, I have finished all the tasks satisfyingly and I quit the position in peace. I joined HiGi which totally increase my awareness of the demand and need from the poor who are still burning firewood for their living. They are suffering not only in terms of the energy supply, but also the disasters brought by water hyacinth. And I realized that HiGi is the bridge which provides me an opportunity to help them in seeking a better solution to their existing life. It gives me a chance to serve the poor community in a meaningful way.


From that experience, I learnt better ways to
communicate and work with different people as well as methods in solving problems. I learnt to appreciate friends and family who always give support and care to me whenever I feel upset. I have also created unforgettable memories and experience. I have never regretted to take the route when many people telling me not to and I believe in what my heart wants.

Life is short, do what you want to before it is too late!