writtten by: Duyen Le

“Do I know myself well enough?” This is the question that we have encountered maybe not just once in our life. But have you found the answer already?

For those who answered “Yes”, Congratulations! You are luckier than half of the people living in this world. However, I would not believe it if you have always been obedient towards the society’s trends or you just do something because of money and fame.

For those who say “No”, what are you still waiting for? Just sail away from your safe harbor and explore yourself.


One year ago, my answer is definitely “No.” As what the society expected me to do, I went to a university and got a job. At that time, if you asked me what my passion was or who I wanted to be, as simple as it sounds, but I would end up speechless. Then I would dig deeper in my memory, trying to recall if I had ever read somewhere or heard someone share about this so that I could imitate them. This is sad yet quite common among young people.

Then HiGi came to me all of a sudden, after a competition that at first I simply joined for fun. I never expected that the competition would somehow change my career path and even my life. At that time I was stuck between two options, 1) work for a big company or 2) pursue the projects in strange and distant lands with HiGi.

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Eventually, it was the desire of self-discovery prompting me to fly out of my country, together with other co-founders, and implement clean energy projects. The six months on the fields with HiGi was nothing short of amazing and I have never did regret the decision.

Nothing is more wonderful than working in a dynamic and creative environment where you can meet and learn from talented people with different culture and backgrounds. Coping with challenges to define your passion, develop your skills, nurture and sharpen your strengths. And more importantly, you can create value to the community and get pleasure from the smiles of the people that you help.

At the end of the day, you may not make a lot of money, may not be successful, may not be famous but it is completely worth giving a try. Real experiences and lessons are priceless and they will fulfill your future. So do not hesitate to step out of your comfort zone, explore the world and explore yourself and you will never have to say “If only” when you turn old.

Live your life, do not just exist.