13010149_1031466466891276_813930680_owritten by: Zherluck Shaen Rodriguez

When you wake up one day and realized that the life that you have been living up until now has been good but it could be better. So you start to wonder how you could become a better person without that oh-so-expensive soul-searching journey to a different country but by a new job to a new place with new people. Thus you start your adventure in checking out some opportunities online, posts, and many other referrals from your friends.

Lo and behold, finally, you found it! A job in a start-up that aims to promote green living while help the poor at the same time.

As it was the most challenging job that you could find, you start to become interested. Interestingly as it is, you begin to realize that working for a start-up is so fulfilling at the same time. Your journey to discover incredible things about yourself, about others and a whole new world has begun.

It started well-off. It always does. Then comes the pushback. Then the triumph. Comes the doubt. Then comes the fulfillment. And many more processes. Amazingly, this is all part of adventure that is in working in a start up.

  1. You are your own obstacle.

Procrastination, self-doubt, Lack of confidence, Stubbornness. You name it, you should find against it.

  1. Do the work.

There are no shortcuts. There are ways to work smarter. But working smarter does not mean working less. It simply means working hard with directed focus. To get from point A to point B, you will have to do the actual work.

  1. Be consistent.

Nothing beats consistency in life. Although it is just a simple work, you then see it becoming a big achievement in due time.

  1. You should help others.

The ultimate result of becoming a better man is to create a better society. You contribute. You lead the way. You help others to rise above their circumstances. The work you do is inward, but the effect has to be outwards.

  1. Your work provides a lot of meaning to your life.

You begin to develop a healthy relationship with your work which makes it incredibly meaningful without defining who you are at your core.

I salute the people who put in effort to work in start-ups and challenge themselves to give something back to the community. It so much easier to work in a big company with big pay but at the end of the day what has you accomplished?